Monday, November 2, 2009

Like Cats Chasing Their Tails

“In human affairs, the best stimulus for running ahead is to have something we must run from.”
Eric Hoffer, The Ordeal of Change, 1964

Who needs t.v. when you have a kitten in your house?

Our kitten, Ben, has an elaborate game of the old standby for cats: the Chase the Tail game.

Running faster and faster around in circles, sometimes he gives up on ever catching that darn tail.

Other times, he sneaks up on it and pounces while his tail plays hard to get.

But he grabs that darn tail between his legs, sometimes nipping at it, other times combing and stroking it after he catches it.

Then his tail surrenders.

Yes, Ben has many strategies for catching the mischievous, elusive tail.

And so do humans.

Sometimes our “strategies” are designed, however unconsciously, to keep us running around in circles after tacking one foot to the floor, bemoaning our misfortune that nothing ever changes, that our spouse, or child, or boss, or co-worker, or sibling only wants to fight, or won’t listen, or doesn’t care, etc, etc.

Other times, we won’t allow ourselves the sweet pleasure of success because no one else in our family has accomplished much. We simply haven’t had a role model for success, and we don’t want to risk being shunned by family members who struggle or are jealous.

Or because then we might be expected to reach even higher.

Or because of our fear of failing. You can ask most elementary school kids, and they can tell you that you can’t fail at something if you never try.

Yes, we, too, can develop elaborate games of keeping ourselves stuck.

And, of course, these games get us to the same place where Ben ends up: No where.

Are tired of being a cat chasing your tail but you don’t know where to start or how to stop?

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Dr. Beth

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Moe's Mumblings said...

I am one of 8 children born to parents that never made it into high school. Five siblings and I dropped out of high school, in fact I flunked my entire sophmore year in high school. Now through the intervention of a single man that recognized my intelligence and fostered in me a desire to be more than I was I have a professional degree and two masters degrees. One person really can pull the nail that keeps you running in circles.