Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Pledge to Believe With Intensity and Desire

Believe with intensity and desire. You are what you think you are. You are able to enhance the scope and quality of your life. What do you think?
You were not born to lose or fail. Why would you even remotely think you are inadequate or not up to the task at hand.

Allow your inner drive to have purpose. Every day we must have a purpose to fulfill. Every day we must visualize our purpose. Our spirit is our energy to fulfill our purpose. Every day take small simple steps but always remember to enjoy the ride.

Come to terms with who you are. Who you are and what you want to be must be separated from what the world tells you who you are and what you will be. The world is a pretty poor judge of who you are and what you will become. The world is wrong 99.9% of the time.

Begin each and every day looking at yourself in the mirror and then say out loud something positive about your self. Through the day smile at every person you meet and experience a moment of Joy each day. Everyday go outside even if it is only to your front porch, close your eyes, turn your face to the sky and say Thank You outloud. End every day with a thought of ONE thing you did well that day.

Life is full of wonder, like a child ask what, how and why of things. Curiosity creates knowledge and knowledge begets power. Nurture that power by asking questions about every new thing you encounter

Energy is the currency of the professional world today. You get to choose the energy whether positive or negative. You have the power of choice so never chose to be negative about yourself. You do not have to wait you can choose to take the wheel now and be the driver of your own bus.

Visualize!!! What is your vision for your health? What is your vision for your career? What is your vision for your family? If you have a vision you will find a way to overcome obstacles. What we think about will show up in our lives.

To cultivate positive energy; Smile more, Breathe deeply, Be thankful. It is impossible to be STRESSED and THANKFUL at the same time. Become to blessed to be stressed.

Be enthusiastic, Be focused, Be thankful. Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm. Do not abdicate-be the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of your life.

Make a list of the people who believed in you and demonstrated that belief in some tangible way. Locate them if possible, Contact them, Thank them and Ask them what was the spark, energy or talent they saw in you?