Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Much Information

It is a truism that you can never have too much information. Given that fact I have after substantial thought and conversations with several people have determined to create a daily letter to those people interested in learning a psychologists take on issues of the day and other valuable insights. I have been working diligently, writing my fingers to the bone to prepare these Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth.

To demonstrate the value of this information I am initially giving it away for free. For the first 30 days after you sign up each morning you will have an article delivered to your inbox.


• After you sign up, you will receive in your e-mail inbox daily (that means all 7 days a week!) Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth posts written by yours truly on a range of topics of interest.
• They are mind candy for you to chew on as you go about your days.
• For the first 30 days after you sign up, the Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth will be free. In that time, I believe you will come to recognize the value of the insights I’m sharing from my 35+ years of learning, teaching, and helping couples, families, and individuals overcome impediments to their happiness and success.
• After the first 30 days, the cost is only $1.49 a week.
• Your credit card will be billed $6.46 for each succeeding 30-day period.
• You can sign up by going to my web site ( On the bottom left of Dr. Beth’s home page you will find a link to take you directly to the sign up page.
• If you unsubscribe, you will receive no
more Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth during the free period and if it is during a paid period the daily posts will stop after the final day of the paid period. No refunds will be provided for cancelled subscriptions.
• Of course, I believe you will find great value and will continue. I invite you to dialogue with me, and even suggest potential topics you’d like me to write about. You may do this either by going to or by sending me an e-mail at
• You may find that some Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth posts are more interesting to you than others. That is only natural. I have deliberately varied the topics I write about, so just wait a day or two, and I’ll bet another one will strike your fancy.


• These Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth posts provide food for thought on a wide range of topics as you go about your daily activities, such as commuting, doing chores, or planning your company’s next initiatives.
• With them, you will be able to capitalize on my over three and a half decades as a practicing psychotherapist on news of the day, such as the self-destruction of the political careers of Anthony Wiener, John Edwards, John Ensign, and Mark Sanford, or the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdown in Japan.
• You will also get a psychologist’s perspective on important topics such as the impact on children of their parents’ descent into poverty and homelessness, or on children of incarcerated parents, or the impact of technology on kids’ brain development.
• Likewise, some Daily Words of Wisdom from Dr. Beth posts will be on important relationship enhancing skills and how to build them, such as appropriate ways to share feelings, top five secrets for staying in love, the uses and abuses of anger, and talking to children about death.
• Bottom line, you’ll be smarter and better informed on a wide range of topics when you subscribe.
• So let me do your homework for you.

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Dedicated to your health and happiness,
Dr. Beth